Ociety Is an App, but Also a Tool to Grow Your Business

Ociety offers tools to help you increase revenue and grow customer relationships.

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Here are the tools Ociety provides to help your business soar

Ociety provides three different packages so you are able to customize your analytics to fit your exact need.
You can view these via your Business Dashboard

Ociety provides deal diversity.
We know it’s hard that owners and managers are typically responsible for creating deals, but chefs and staff may have a better understanding of inventory. Ociety’s platform assigns roles which allows staff to send deal requests to their managers to help reduce waste and increase profitability.

Ociety provides a waitlist function for you to manage your wait times and customer list. This tool allows you to communicate with your customers in a convenient, timely manner.

Get a free mobile and web profile that you control. Add badges, edit your featured photos, and edit your description as needed.

Engage and interact with your customers. Discover your niche and serve your audience well. You are able to perfectly target your ideal customers.

Boosting your business listing increases your reach!
Ociety’s Gamification experience also helps reach a larger audience in a fun way.

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