Giving Back in NYC

5 Ways to Do Good While Having Fun

Volunteering your time to support a cause you are passionate about can enrich your life and connect you to people in your community that will change your life. Helping your community is an opportunity to give back to those in need and allows you to grow. Every contribution, whether it’s making a monetary donation or spending time volunteering, can make a significant impact on the community. Here are some incredible ways to do good while having fun in New York City. 

Download the Ociety App to Start Giving Back
Ociety is a new app in NYC that is committed to making a difference. Ociety helps you find restaurants and bars near you that you are sure to love. For every in-app venue review, Ociety donates to a charity of your choosing. Ociety allows you to have fun, while doing good. Download Ociety now to start making a difference.

Eat Out at Restaurants that Give Back – NYC has thousands of restaurants across the island, and many of them participate in programs that give back to people in need. Take a date night out and opt for a restaurant that gives back, such as P.S. Kitchen. P.S. Kitchen partners with local charities with a mission to provide jobs for the marginalized in New York, donate 100% of their proceeds to sustainable nonprofit work, and provide healthy meals to New Yorkers. Check out the list of charity partners and see how you can reserve a table here.

Help Local Young Creatives Create a Bright Future – Art can be a powerful way to nurture anyone of any age’s emotional and mental well-being. Art Smart uses creativity to empower marginalized youths in the community to create a brighter future for themselves. If you love the arts and are a creative professional, consider volunteering your time by teaching workshops or mentoring one-on-one with teens in the Emerging Artists program.

Volunteer Your Time – NYC is one of the largest cities in the country, and there are endless opportunities for you to volunteer your time at local nonprofits across the city. You get to meet with other dedicated volunteers and meet some amazing people in your community. You can always find volunteer work on an as-needed basis, or plenty of organizations could use all levels of skills long term. Community of Unity allows you to be a positive adult presence in an at-risk youth’s life that can change their life for the better.

Make Donations – Charity donations are always a great way to impact the community. You can donate money online by choosing an organization you feel connected to. You can donate food, clothing, toys, household goods, and more to needy families. Instead of discarding anything you own, think instead if someone could find it useful. Donating goods can help reduce waste and help someone in need in your community.

Help Out Local Animals in Need – If you are a pet lover and want to dedicate your time to helping animals in need, you can work with Bideawee. You can help by providing care for animals, fostering local pets, administrative help, and more. If you have a pet who has a great temperament and is an excellent companion you’d love to share with those in need, you can apply for the Bideawee Pet Therapy program.

Doing good in NYC can be accomplished in so many ways. No matter how you choose to do your part, every little action can bring about positivity and change. Make it an even better experience and take a friend or a loved one. Every moment and every dollar can make an impact.
Ociety is an innovative app to help connect you with local businesses based on your interests. Download the Ociety app, and for every in-app review, Ociety will do their part to give back to the community.

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